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Julie Knight is a working Lash Stylist, Trainer, Writer, Speaker and Judge who loves helping others to thrive. She’s placed in competitions and now enjoys judging and organising them. She involved in several ventures including Founder and CEO of Elite Eyelash Extensions (UK) for Treatment, Training & Products (formerly the Eye by i and Eye by i Academy) 

Founder and Editor of Lash-Ed Magazine, an online educational, motivational and inspirational magazine for stylists, trainers and enthusiasts

MD, co-founder and co-organiser of World Lash University offering amazing conferences, competitions and business awards

Founder and MD of ‘Behind the Mask’ Programme helping therapists spot the signs of domestic abuse and offer practical ways to help

Guest speaker for a major UK Women’s Development Programme and regular facilitator at workshop events to help people balance their work life wellbeing

Co-founder of Ant and Tech, a web developer specialising in beauty websites for businesses of any size

She’s based in Bristol in the U.K., is happily married and proud mum to a 21 year old daughter who’s studying conservation science at University. As well as being a lash addict, she’s a fun sun worshipper, Pharologist and champion for menopause awareness raising. 

You can contact Julie at [email protected]


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