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Emily Lee, AKA The Queen Bee, is an Award winning Esthetician and Lash Professional in Vancouver, Canada. She is the Founder of Vancouver based studio, Queen Bee Spa; an International Judge and Educator; an Advisory Board Member of NALA; a freelance Competition Consultant and Multi -Media Journalist; and a passionate Content Creator. Emily is the current Competition Director of the Royal Canadian Lash Championships, and was the Supreme Overlord of Lash Wars and Executive Director of NEESA for four years.

These days, Emily can be found providing impartial product and training reviews, event coverage, and tips and tricks videos on BeautyPro Media; and curating awesome products for BeautyPro Box, a subscription based discovery box for lash professionals. Emily believes in being honest, real, integrous, uplifting, ethical, fun, authentic, inspired, passionate, and most of all, she believes in being the change.

To keep up with Emily, you can do so at @beautypromedia and @beautyprobox

You can sign up for the BeautyPro Box HERE.

You can view BeautyPro Media HERE.