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Hey Lash Bosses, you’re in for a treat today! Jill Heijligers-Peloquin is someone I consider to be an OG in the lash industry. I have looked up to her for quite some time and so excited to have her on the show! Giveaway info at the bottom of the show notes!

Jill resides in Gilbert, Arizona USA. Read her bio below:

2019 will mark my 14th year as a lash artist, educator and industry advocate. Travelling the world as a judge, keynote speaker and educator, it’s thrilling to meet so many who also wish to raise the standards of safety, embrace innovation and share the expertise that will elevate us all. We are part of a beauty renaissance, paving the way for a new generation of professional lash artists and educators who will learn mastership and surpass current standards and expectations. As soon as I learned lash extensions in 2006, I was enchanted by the work. By 2007, I launched Lash FX® and began teaching others. My lash career has gone by quickly; each year bringing industry growth, new educational opportunities and advancement in concepts and techniques. I am thrilled to be on this amazing ride with you, and to see what discoveries we’ll make on the road ahead. Some of my proudest Lash Industry landmark moments include: 

* Owner and founder of Lash FX® Global Eyelash Extension Supplies (established 2007) 

* Voted “Most Inspirational Lash Industry Influencer 2017” and “2018” by her peers in an international poll 

* Master Lash Educator, Fascinate® Certified Advisor & Business Coach 

* Fantasy Lash Art 1st Pl Champion Lash Challenge Croatia 2017 & Lash Champions League 2017 

* Judge of International Competitions 

* Keynote Speaker 

* Lash Industry Safety Advocate & Influencer 

* Founder, The Educators Collective, Global Lash Summit Events, and Lash Artists International 

* Editor “Lash Inc USA-Canada” 2017-18 – recipient of LUX 2017 GLOBAL EXCELLENCE AWARD 

* Executive Producer & Content Director, Lash Inc Media 2018 

It is a sincere pleasure to be interviewed on the LASH BOSS RADIO PODCAST. Thank you, Shelby Tarleton for the invitation! I hope your listeners find value and entertainment in the episode. A special note to ALL Lash Artists who listen in: Shelby will be organizing a prize drawing on this episode, so pay attention to how to become a winner – You’ve got to be IN it to WIN it! We’re giving away a 6-month VIP subscription to Lash Inc Media as well as an exclusive Lash FX® Global gift box full of lash products.



Head to @lashbossradio on Instagram to enter to win a 6 month VIP subscription to Lash Inc Media valued at over $120 USD! You’ll also win a Lash FX Global gift box!