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Courtney Buhler is a wife, mother of 3, award-winning lash artist, speaker, entrepreneur, and CEO of Sugarlash PRO. Courtney began her lash career as a 19-year-old single mom. In spite of a less than impressive lash course, Courtney’s home-based lash business was fully booked within 4 weeks.

From there, a flourishing home-based business grew into a 10-person commercial lash lounge called Lash Affair (est: 2010), offering the city’s most luxurious lash treatments. Despite the success of Lash Affair, Courtney felt the need to address the poor quality product and education she saw in the lash world. From this desire to see the lash industry grow and thrive, Sugarlash PRO was born—with a focus not only on reputable product and lash education, but also business support and entrepreneurial training.

Three years later, Courtney regularly speaks at conferences around the world teaching lash skills, judging lash competitions, and working with business owners to create healthy, thriving companies. She has worked and partnered with League of LashMasters, Lash Wars, Lash Artists International, Lash Summit, and Lash Battle UK to name a few, and has been honored to win Lash Inc’s Lash Artist of the year in 2015. She has been featured in many publications, including Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, Refinery 29, PopSugar, and Buzzfeed.

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