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Lash Boss University

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Jenelle Paris, Kimber Jaynes, Elena Asher. You have to earn the title of Lash Boss, and these women all started with healthy application, intentional lash artistry, and years of dedication to the craft. Dedication is the best education. Start here and leapfrog your lash career.

Education, inspiration and dedication all in one place.

Lift Your Career

True lash artistry and preserving the integrity of the natural lash is a fundamental key to our program. These foundational principles are paramount to a successful career. You need to strive towards the highest quality service, licensing, and education; thankfully, this program is officially licensed through the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation.


Online Only Program - State Board Exam Prep - Lash Kit Included



In-Person Instruction - Hybrid Program - State Board Exam Prep - Lash Kit Included


DISCLAIMER : You must be 17 years of age – Have earned a High School diploma or GED – Texas Drivers License

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Full Lash Kit Included

With each program, the purchase comes with a complete and comprehensive Lash Kit for you to use in your course education.

Your Instructor

Our owner, Shelby Tarleton, has been lashing since 2011, started Pink Lady Lash in 2014, and is highly regarded within the lash industry, from speaking at lash conferences worldwide to being a judge in different competitions.

 In addition to starting her own company, Shelby has her podcast, Lash Boss Radio, and created an annual conference, Lash Boss Conference, where she can provide an abundance of knowledge to different lash artists all across the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly can I get licensed?

This is a credit hour program lasting 10 weeks. Our program is equivalent to 320 hours of instruction which will include videos, textbook reading, quizzes, and hands-on model work.

Do I receive the full course education with either program?

Yes! With both programs, you will receive the exact same online modules. The hybrid program includes weekly in-person practice with instructor supervision, which the virtual program includes working on models from home and sending video footage and photos of models to the instructors for feedback.

We also open select weekends for both in-person and virtual students so that everyone, regardless of which program they are enrolled in, can receive instructor supervision.

Do you offer more programs?

Yes! We also offer a certification course for those who already hold a cosmetology or esthetician license in the state of texas but want to get a certificate through LBU. You will receive the same online modules our 320-hour students receive plus 2 days of model work (total of 4 models) on select weekends. We hold certification classes 4 times a year.

Are there any discounts available?

Yes! There is a pay-in-full discount for the 320-hour program. We also have discounts for graduates on lash products and other certification courses!

Do you have payment plans?

Yes! We have options starting at 0% interest and up to 12-month terms.