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Lash Specialty License

To perform lash extensions in Texas, you must hold one of 3 licenses:
Cosmetology License (1000 hrs)
Esthetics License (750 hrs)
Lash Speciality License (320 hours)


$5,500 for either option.
Payment plans are available.


Lift Your Career

True lash artistry and preserving the integrity of the natural lash is a fundamental key to our program. These foundational principles are paramount to a successful career. You need to strive towards the highest quality service, licensing, and education; thankfully, this program is officially licensed through the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation.


Online Only Program - State Board Exam Prep - Lash Kit Included



In-Person Instruction - Hybrid Program - State Board Exam Prep - Lash Kit Included


DISCLAIMER : You must be 17 years of age – Have earned a High School diploma or GED – Texas Drivers License