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119 – Your Local Lash Competition?

Lash Boss Radio now airs Monday-Friday on all streaming platforms. Listen to quick "mini-sodes" every day and occasional…

118 – Setting Goals for your Lash Business

Ever feel like there is always so much to do that you then feel frozen? Here are some…

117 – Largest ROI in a lash business

This episodes uncovers the various little to no cost actions you can take today to increase revenue. Make…

116 – Habits of successful salon owners

Lash Boss Radio is now airing daily Monday-Friday on all streaming platforms. Lash Boss Radio Interviews from last…

115 – What to do with varying opinions in the lash industry

Have you ever sat in a class and thought "Oh my gosh, why didn't anyone ever tell me…

114 – What can you learn from your experience with former employees?

Observing each experience you have as a salon owner can help your company reach new heights. The owner…

113 – Things that can be turning your clients off

You lose a client here and there, could it be something you've done? Maybe! Let's explore and get…

112 – Deep dive into client retention

What is the disconnect between first time and repeat clients? Can you create an experience that has both…

111 – To discount or not to discount your services?

This episode helps you retain the value you have for your services by diving into the art of…

110 – Deep Dive into Prebooking

"I don't know my schedule" "I have to check my calendar and I'll call" Have you heard either…

109 – Customer Experience vs Customer Service

In this episode I dive into the differences between customer experience and customer service in the beauty industry.…

108 – Free ways to enhance the client experience

Hello everyone! I'm back with a brand new season and some exciting changes. You'll get to enjoy an…