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After completing college and working in Atlanta’s nightlife industry for many years, Dejsa felt a void with her previous work environment. She had a longing to connect to people one-on-one and help people with their self confidence. She fell into doing lashes by mistake, and soon she found out her QA and service background translated well into the lash world – the attention to detail, being meticulous, and great communication skills merged easily into becoming a lash artist. Her love for all things beauty and fashion led her to get her Esthetician license and lash certifications in 2013 & 2015.

When “Russian Volume” caught her interest in 2017, she immediately started training classes under some of the world’s most notable Lash Masters. Always wanting to master and provide the latest techniques to her clients, she continues to work yearly on studying and training. By specializing only in eyelash extensions, Dejsa is able to focus on quality, consistency, and a safe, damage-free application of eyelash extensions specifically tailored to her client’s facial features and lifestyle.

Dejsa talks on how to say no and grow within your boundaries, adding color to your lash sets, and standing out in the industry. If you enjoy this episode, let us know! Tag @lashbossradio and @addictit_lashes on instagram.