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Jussie D. Artistry has been in the lash industry for 13 years, she is consistently proactive within the lash community and is known for her quirky, colorful lash creations in lash competitions. She values her time with other lash artists by attending lash conferences, competing and judging lash competitions. She enjoys being a lash student but loves being a personal mentor and educator even more to those starting out in the industry. Founding her academy in 2014 while she opened her business, she wanted to give to the lash community even more. The final vision started coming to life in 2018, but certain organizations within Lash With Purpose have been in the works since early 2014. Starting with her vision to take “Wink4Pink” worldwide, it simply wasn’t enough for Jussie. Feeling that there not only needed to be an organization dedicated to those affected by cancer, but there should be resources for all of those in our industry that volunteer in some way or those that want to give back to our environment.

“I hope that lash.with.purpose gives you even more purpose to lash, while we come together as one to try and make a difference- One Lash at a time” Jussie D. Artistry”