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Jess Brandler started in the industry as a Brow Artist and knew that lash extensions would pair perfectly with her brow services, because of her long term love affair with strip lashes. A toxic relationship, but a love affair nonetheless. She took a course and continued to educate herself based off of her immediate obsession and passion for the craft. She has successfully built and rebuilt her clientele in different states across the U.S., which developed her into a really well rounded Lash Artist, based off of the different demographics and clients she worked with.  After becoming an official Army Wife, Jess decided to offer our industry high end products that truly made an impact on her own business, which also gave her the ability to support her military lifestyle of having to continue to relocate. She runs J BRAND BEAUTY as a Lash Artist, for Lash Artists. Keep up with her on Instagram @jbrandbeauty or access her products