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Hey everyone! Episode 22 with Melissa was recorded over the summer and I had the chance of meeting her at the IBS show in Vegas. She is so genuine and kind and I hope you all enjoy hearing from here.

Melissa has been lashing going on 8 years now. She holds 8 certifications including Novalash, Borboleta x 2, Maven x 2, Lashmaker, London lash pro and Lashbox LA. She is a former educator for Borboleta Beauty, but wished to stay closer to home so she now teaches independently at her studio in Tucson. Melissa is also the co-owner of Lash Studio, Owner of At Lash, founder of At Lash Pro.  Her sister Angela, is her business partner who I hope to interview in the future as well. You can keep up with Melissa here:

IG: @melissa_atlash

To join the community of lash bosses on Facebook via the forum that I started, please click HERE.