010 – Journey to Pink Lady Lash with Shelby Tarleton

Welcome back! Today’s episode is just me sharing my story about how I got started in this industry and the process of opening Pink Lady Lash. While there were some perceived failures along the way, I am happy with the way things turned out. I hope my message can motivate and inspire others who are on their own path to success. Make sure to listen to the VERY end to TRULY understand the message.

I mention that I had started out in a salon suite in Pflugerville, Texas which is a suburb of Austin, Texas. My salons are now located in Westlake (Austin) and Cedar Park Texas.

Follow @pinkladylash on Instagram and Facebook to keep up with our salon. As always, you can reach me at shelby@lashbossradio and @lashbossradio on Facebook and Instagram.

2 thoughts on “010 – Journey to Pink Lady Lash with Shelby Tarleton”

  1. This was so incredible!! I love you Shelby!!!! You have always been shining since day one!!😍 Nevet lose that sparkle and drive.

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