006 – Borboleta Beauty with Kimber Jaynes

Enjoy this episode lash bosses! Look out for the Instagram giveaway on the @lashbossradio page following this interview 😉 In this episode, Kim and I talk about the start of Borboleta and how much it has grown since then. Kim is so sweet and I loved getting to hear her perspective on everything. I am sure that you will have something to take away from this episode. Let me know what you think! I’m on Instagram and Facebook under @lashbossradio or you can reach me at shelby@lashbossradio.com


One thought on “006 – Borboleta Beauty with Kimber Jaynes”

  1. Great podcast. Love her candidness in being honest about her skill set and being brave about accepting that she needed assistance and finding people that are gifted in those skills to make things better for everyone overall. Building eachother up.

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