002 – Lash Chronicles with Krystal Ruiz

The very first Lash Boss to be interviewed on the show, Krystal Ruiz (@lashchronicles) is here with me today discussing her start in the industry and where she is now. Krystal is a good friend of mine whom I’ve looked up to for a long time. We had the pleasure of meeting while working with Lash Affair and I quickly noticed that she truly does have a passion for this industry and a love for helping others. I am honored that she accepted my invitation to being interviewed on the show and hope you get to know her a bit more after hearing this interview.

Thank you to those who have taken a liking to this podcast. You are officially LBR day ones! Lash Boss Radio is now on Instagram and Facebook. Stop by and say hello!

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3 thoughts on “002 – Lash Chronicles with Krystal Ruiz”

  1. I LOVE your podcasts! As someone new to the industry it really helps me to feel more confident and learn new things! Your guests are awesome with tons of insight. I can’t wait for new episodes! One quick question…where can I find online forums? I’m trying to seek out a community and I’m having trouble. I know Krystal mentioned them but not where to find them. Thanks!

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